Surviving the Mob

Antonio DiDonato began his criminal career at the young age of 14 working for the local mob. Staying out of jail and not getting killed by the New York crime families isn't something a 14 year old should have to deal with but that was his life. At 17, DiDonato was made an associate of the Nicholas Corozzo crew by the infamous Gambino family. For the next 14 years he lived dangerously taking part in profitable criminal activities ranging from burglary, bank robbery, drug dealing, weapons possession, extortion, forgery, counterfeiting, loan sharking, credit card and insurance fraud, car theft, attempted murder and witness tampering. A long list of crimes that carry long prison sentences but that didn't stop him. DiDonato later engaged in the underworld gambling operations dealing with millions of dollars from sports betting, dealing dice and cards and running numbers. Within this book you'll get a closer look at how the Mob ran gambling and secrets will be divulged that will astonish you. Find out in Surviving the Mob how DiDonato at the age of 31 and being on the run for 17 months finally gets caught by the law and how he has lived to tell the story.


288 Pages. Authors: Dennis N. Griffin and Andre DiDonatoges

Type: Book / Video

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