The Battle for Las Vegas

The Chicago Outfit controlled organized crime in Las Vegas from the 1970s through the mid- 1980s. To ensure a steady stream of cash, the gangsters hired a front man with no criminal history, Allen R. Glick, as the casino owner of record. The real boss of the casino was Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal coupled with the ultimate enforcer, Tony Spilotro, who’d stop at nothing to protect their interests. Spilotro, also in charge of Vegas street crime, would soon be known as the “King of the Strip.”

Distinguishing the need to eliminate the casinos of the mob and shut down Spilotro’s rackets, Federal and local law enforcement rendered war on organized crime. The Battle for Las Vegas tells the story of the fight between the tough guys on both sides, expressed largely by the agents and detectives who knew they had to take charge.

256 Pages. Author: Dennis N. Griffin

Type: Book / Video

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