The Moneymaker Effect

One of poker history's greatest underdog stories belongs to Chris Moneymaker, a 27 year old amateur poker player who defied the odds at every turn to win the 2003 World Series of Poker main event. It was exciting and all eyes were watching his every move. Around the same time the twin inventions of online poker and the hole-card camera combined to revolutionize the game. Poker would forever be changed from playing in smoky backrooms to exploding into the mainstream television. It's been more than a decade and the poker community still talks about Moneymaker's story. Within the pages of The Moneymaker Effect there are memories told by poker pros, television executives, producers, journalists, publicists, an inventor, a screenwriter, a sports handicapper, and the champion himself of that historical poker moment.

264 Pages. Author: Eric Raskin

Type: Book / Video

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